Burlington Ultrasound Clinic

Alamance Family Practice offers quality family care in conjunction with a vast number of advanced healthcare procedures. Amongst those procedures is our Burlington ultrasound capability. There are certain conditions and health problems that cannot be diagnosed with a routine physical exam. These conditions will require the use of ultrasound technology. At Alamance Family Practice we offer abdominal, pelvic and thyroid ultrasounds, as well as venous dopplers. These Burlington ultrasound procedures can be used to diagnose gall stones, kidney stones, abnormal cysts, nodules, blood clots and more. You may be going through life suffering from debilitating symptoms, and what you really need is an ultrasound to diagnose your health problems. Alamance Family Practice is your Burlington ultrasound clinic. Our board-certified physicians will treat you with the utmost care and compassion as we utilize ultrasound technology to address your medical concerns.

3D Ultrasounds

What is an ultrasound? How does it work? The medical use of ultrasound technology involves the utilization of high-frequency sound waves to view organs and other structures in the body. Medical professionals, such as the ones we have at Alamance Family Practice, use ultrasounds to view blood vessels, kidneys, ovaries, the liver, thyroid and more. The device used during an ultrasound is known as a transducer. The transducer emits high frequency sound waves that will bounce off of the tissues within your body and produce images for the physician to assess. Patients experiencing abdominal pain, swelling, pain in the kidney or flank area, or pain with intercourse and menstruation may directly benefit from this type of ultrasound technology. If you are in the Burlington or Elon University area and have been experiencing abnormal symptoms then an ultrasound may be what you need. Call Alamance Family Practice today to schedule an appointment with one of our friendly and caring physicians who will be happy to see if our ultrasound diagnostic treatments are right for you.

4D Ultrasounds

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