Outpatient Procedures

Alamance Family Practice is now your home for Burlington outpatient procedures! You may not have known this, but many of the procedures you would have previously gone to the hospital or dermatologist for you can now receive at Alamance Family Practice. Our new in-house, board-certified surgeon offers years of medical and surgical experience. At Alamance Family Practice we provide a wide variety of Burlington outpatient procedures including mole removal, skin tag removal, lesion removal, injections, tumor removal, histology, incision of abscesses and more. Having your surgical procedure performed at our Burlington family office will substantially cut back on your costs, wait time and procedure time. Additionally, with your outpatient service you can count on receiving the highest standard of care and compassion from the staff that you already know and love. If you are looking for competency, convenience, and quality care for your surgical outpatient procedure than look no further than Alamance Family Practice. Call us today to setup an appointment for your outpatient procedure, and find out how our office is revitalizing the way people look at outpatient procedures in Burlington.

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