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The dreaded flu season comes every year and unfortunately it is no stranger to residents of Burlington. The flu can so easily come in and afflict any member of your household and then before you know it the whole family is sick! At Alamance Family Practice we believe there is great value in preventative healthcare, which is why we advise all Burlington citizens to get their flu shot. Too many times we have seen patients that have had to miss work or school because of the flu, and then those patients find themselves wishing they would have taken the time to get their flu vaccine. Don’t wait until the flu is happening you or one of your family members! Schedule an appointment with us today to receive your Burlington flu shots at Alamance Family Practice.

Flu Shots and Vaccinations in Burlington, NC

How Does the Flu Vaccination Work?
Your average Burlington flu vaccine is considered a regular flu shot which can be administered to anyone age 6 months or older. The flu shot contains killed influenza virus and once it is injected into your system your body will begin to develop antibodies to the flu about two weeks later. After the two week period if you come into contact with the flu then the antibodies you developed from your flu shot will get to work fighting off the virus so that you will not have to suffer from it. Getting your Burlington flu vaccination at Alamance Family Practice is the smart choice to prevent the flu from affecting you this year. Schedule your appointment today to let us handle your flu shot!

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