Women in our culture are busier than ever which is why Burlington’s women need the best that healthcare can offer. Amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life women need to make sure that they are not letting their health fall to the way side. At Alamance Family Practice we understand the busyness of life for a woman can make health maintenance and prevention difficult. For this reason, at Alamance Family Practice we welcome walk-ins and same day appointments for your convenience. Additionally, our office staff, nurses and our recent addition, Cheryl Lindley FNP, work hard to make sure our female patients are receiving the best women’s healthcare possible in a safe and comfortable environment. At Burlington Family Practice we are able to offer Burlington’s women complete female physical exams including pap smears, comprehensive labs, and testing for venereal diseases. We also offer several diagnostic options that are ideal for women including 3D Ultrasounds, abdominal ultrasounds, pelvic ultrasounds, allergy testing, echocardiograms and more. If you haven’t found your Burlington women’s healthcare yet then come see us at Alamance Family Practice to find out if we’re a good match for you.

Helpful Tips for Burlington Women’s Health and Wellness

At Alamance Family Practice we strongly advise preventative healthcare for Burlington Women. We suggest that women receive mammograms every two years after the age 50. We also suggest monthly self-breast exams, and a pap smear once every two years for women over the age of 20, as long as the results are normal. Additionally, we would suggest that you have regular checkups that include labs so that we can keep an eye on how well your health is being maintained. And don’t forget, at Alamance Family Practice in Burlington we are here for you, we will do our best to offer you an appointment that will fit with your schedule.

What about when you are at home? Other than coming in to our Burlington’s women clinic, there are lots of helpful things you can do to achieve optimum health and wellness. First we would suggest trying to get in 30 minutes of exercise in 3 times a week. If thirty minutes seems overwhelming then it’s okay to break it up into increments of 10. When you have ten minutes of blank space try filling it with a walk or brisk run, maybe even turn some upbeat music up and dance around the house. It’s very healthy for your body to get your blood pumping. Another thing we strongly recommend to Burlington’s women aiming for better health is to maintain a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. When you get hungry and its after 8 o’clock, try a glass of milk to fill you up instead of the cookie. When you are craving something sweet, grab a handful of your favorite fruits instead of the chocolate bar. Finally, make sure you are staying hydrated. There is nothing better for a busy woman than a bottle of water. We recommend at least 75oz of water a day for women weighing less than 150lbs. If you weigh more than 150lbs then we recommend dividing your weight in half and drinking that amount of water in ounces per day. For example if you weigh 200lbs try to drink 100oz of water each day. These three quick tips can greatly enhance Burlington women’s overall health and wellness! Start trying them today and see how much better you start feeling.

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