is here! The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and allergies are flaring up, which may be worsening your asthma.

Not to worry though, because our Burlington asthma doctors are here for you. We understand how debilitating an asthma attack can be and the importance of our patients having the proper treatments readily available. There are multiple factors that can increase a patient’s risk of having an asthma attack including allergens, tobacco abuse, obesity and more.

During an acute asthma attack the muscles surrounding your airways tighten and become inflamed, and you will likely have an increase of thicker mucus secretions in your airway. These factors result in shortness of breath, wheezing, cough and other unbearable symptoms. Our Burlington asthma doctors want to work to prevent these episodes and make sure that in the event an asthma attack does occur, we have prepared you to treat the incident and get back to feeling better sooner.

Get The Treatment You Need!

If you have been diagnosed with asthma, it’s important especially with the seasons changing, to make sure that you are prepared for a possible asthma attack. You want to make sure that you have the proper medications to treat and prevent an asthma attack and make sure that those medications have not expired. Additionally, if you have not already done so, you should make an appointment with our asthma doctors to establish how well your lungs normally function. We will do a routine assessment of your lungs to establish a baseline of your lung function. This assessment will help you and our asthma doctors to know the best treatment route for your situation. Our doctors at Alamance Family Practice do not want an asthma attack to sneak up on you. Make sure you’re prepared and asthma doesn’t catch you by surprise this Spring.

Learn more about our services and the tips on how you can pick a good physician for you and your family.

A lot of the women we see in our practice are expressing their desire to get healthier, and they want to know the best way to do it. We’ve heard your requests and we want to equip you with the information you need to start experiencing healthier living in Burlington. Our first suggestion is that Burlington women should remember that healthy living is a lifestyle change that requires commitment! But trust us, you’ll be glad that you made this commitment to your health. Next, aim for balance since every aspect of your life affects your health. Your health is not strictly limited to diet and exercise, even though those are key factors. Stress and time management also impact your health and wellness. We understand the idea of living a stress free life in today’s society is just about impossible, but we do have a few recommendations for our Burlington women. At Alamance Family Practice we would urge you to remember to take time for yourself, have some “me” time everyday where you get to do something that you really enjoy. Whether this time be spent in meditation, quiet time, or even a workout routine, just make sure to take that time for yourself and preferably do it in the morning to get your day started off right. Another suggestion we have is to make a daily plan and prioritize. Set realistic goals for yourself each day that will allow you to give the right amount of time to the areas of your life that need it most. The goal in making this plan is to decrease exhaustion and increase your satisfaction with your productivity. Visit our women’s healthcare clinic for more information about our services.

Diet and Exercise Tips For Burlington’s Women

While time and stress management are important we don’t want to neglect the importance of a healthy diet and exercise routine! We recommend Burlington women strive to get at least 30 minutes of exercise 3 times a week. The workout doesn’t need to be overly intense, but enough to get the blood flowing. Finally we would recommend portion control and healthy choices when adjusting your diet. Adjusting portions is difficult at first, so try a glass of milk or a side of rice with your meal if you don’t feel full off of an appropriate portion. When we say healthy choices what we are recommending is increasing the fruits and veggies, cutting back on the sweets, choosing white meat over dark meat, and grilled over fried. Some of our healthy food recommendations include nuts, cinnamon, eggs, asparagus, tuna, avocado, Greek yogurt, whole grains, oatmeal, and grilled chicken. We are proud of you for wanting to make the decision to start living healthier. Learn more about women’s health tips from our previous article. If you have any questions or are looking for more tips then schedule a visit with us and we’d be happy to track your progress through physical assessments and lab values. This way you can know just how well your lifestyle changes are working. Our family practice is excited about seeing women in Burlington getting committed to healthy lives!

Women in our culture are busier than ever which is why Burlington’s women need the best that healthcare can offer. Amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday life women need to make sure that they are not letting their health fall to the way side. At Alamance Family Practice we understand the busyness of life for a woman can make health maintenance and prevention difficult. For this reason, at Alamance Family Practice we welcome walk-ins and same day appointments for your convenience. Additionally, our office staff, nurses and our recent addition, Cheryl Lindley FNP, work hard to make sure our female patients are receiving the best women’s healthcare possible in a safe and comfortable environment. At Burlington Family Practice we are able to offer Burlington’s women complete female physical exams including pap smears, comprehensive labs, and testing for venereal diseases. We also offer several diagnostic options that are ideal for women including 3D Ultrasounds, abdominal ultrasounds, pelvic ultrasounds, allergy testing, echocardiograms and more. If you haven’t found your Burlington women’s healthcare yet then come see us at Alamance Family Practice to find out if we’re a good match for you.

Helpful Tips for Burlington Women’s Health and Wellness

At Alamance Family Practice we strongly advise preventative healthcare for Burlington Women. We suggest that women receive mammograms every two years after the age 50. We also suggest monthly self-breast exams, and a pap smear once every two years for women over the age of 20, as long as the results are normal. Additionally, we would suggest that you have regular checkups that include labs so that we can keep an eye on how well your health is being maintained. And don’t forget, at Alamance Family Practice in Burlington we are here for you, we will do our best to offer you an appointment that will fit with your schedule.

What about when you are at home? Other than coming in to our Burlington’s women clinic, there are lots of helpful things you can do to achieve optimum health and wellness. First we would suggest trying to get in 30 minutes of exercise in 3 times a week. If thirty minutes seems overwhelming then it’s okay to break it up into increments of 10. When you have ten minutes of blank space try filling it with a walk or brisk run, maybe even turn some upbeat music up and dance around the house. It’s very healthy for your body to get your blood pumping. Another thing we strongly recommend to Burlington’s women aiming for better health is to maintain a balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. When you get hungry and its after 8 o’clock, try a glass of milk to fill you up instead of the cookie. When you are craving something sweet, grab a handful of your favorite fruits instead of the chocolate bar. Finally, make sure you are staying hydrated. There is nothing better for a busy woman than a bottle of water. We recommend at least 75oz of water a day for women weighing less than 150lbs. If you weigh more than 150lbs then we recommend dividing your weight in half and drinking that amount of water in ounces per day. For example if you weigh 200lbs try to drink 100oz of water each day. These three quick tips can greatly enhance Burlington women’s overall health and wellness! Start trying them today and see how much better you start feeling.

If you have been wondering the best way to keep your pediatric healthy in Burlington, then let Alamance Family Practice give you a little direction. Caring for any pediatric is a huge endeavor and our office understands that, which is why we love the opportunity to help parents and caregivers feel more equipped to take on the challenge of successfully caring for their child. At Alamance Family Practice you can count on our staff making you and your child feel like family. If you need someone new to handle your Burlington pediatric care that you can count on then give us a call at Alamance Family Practice.

Keeping Your Pediatric Healthy

At Alamance Family Practice we have a couple of helpful hints for parents and guardians looking to give their children the best care possible. At Alamance Family Practice we feel that prevention is often times the best way to keep your pediatric healthy. We strongly advise that anyone assisting with pediatric care would encourage healthy eating and lifestyle habits for their child. Children should be getting plenty of fruits, vegetables and water on a daily basis. We know that pediatrics love fun, so it’s okay to make eating vegetables fun for your child. Combine peanut better, raisins and celery to make ants on a log, call their broccoli trees, there are lots of ways to make eating healthy fun for every child. Next it is important that your child remains active. At Burlington Family Practice we recommend that pediatrics get a minimum of 90 minutes of exercise per day. Just remember, the exercise doesn’t need to be a chore, it’s best to keep you pediatric active with games and sports that they will enjoy. Lastly, we suggest that when caring for a pediatric you try to make sure his or her schedule allows for healthy sleeping habits. Because children are growing and developing so much more quickly than adults rest is absolutely essential to a child’s health. We know that keeping your Burlington pediatric healthy is one of your top priorities, utilizing these tips is just one way to assist with keeping your child healthy. However, if you ever need further care for your Burlington pediatric then Alamance Family Practice is the place to call.


Are you looking for a new family doctor in Burlington, but not sure where to begin? If so, then you are not alone. Many people in your area are just like you, hunting for the family doctor that will be just right for them. You may be a new mother or father looking for Pediatrician that will give you the peace of mind that only comes with knowing your little one is in the hands of a trustworthy, experienced physician. Perhaps, your family physician has retired or relocated, and you are wondering how you will find someone that will give you the quality care that you are accustomed to. Or maybe you are the person that has never had a primary family doctor but has made the decision to start living healthy, and just aren’t sure exactly where to begin. Or you may just be new to the Burlington area. No matter what your story, at Alamance Family Practice we understand that picking the right family doctor is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. For this reason we have developed a couple of helpful suggestions to help people pick the perfect doctor for their family.


Before beginning your hunt for that perfect family doctor take some time to consider what you would expect or like to see from your doctor and his or her staff. Write down the things that are important to you … Do you want experience, confidence, someone that is knowledgeable? What about affordability, or even a doctor that you know will be friendly and comforting on that day when you just have the awfuls? Whatever your expectation of your Burlington family doctor, you don’t have to settle, your healthcare is important, and you should be with the doctor that is meeting your needs.

Now you are ready to begin your hunt! Social Networking Sites and Search Engines are your friends. Do some research on the practices you think may be right for you. Find out what services the physician is able to offer, what is the standard of care at the practice. Find out what other people are saying about the family doctors in Burlington. Once you have your options narrowed down check to be sure that the doctor you prefer is included in your insurance plan, with one phone call to your health insurance provider you will have your answer. Next, give each practice still on your favorites list a call and ask a couple of questions such as: Are you accepting new patients? Will you take my insurance? If I am uninsured what will be the cost of my visit? These questions will not only provide you with valuable information about visiting this family doctor, but also gives you the opportunity to have an initial interaction with the staff. Were they friendly? Did they give you the attention you hoped for? Did they know what they were talking about? It is amazing how much one little call will tell you.

All that’s left to do now is visit your top pick! Since you have narrowed that list down to the family doctor that seems to be the best around, go ahead and setup your visit. You don’t want to wait until you are sick to visit because it is better to go ahead and be established as a patient. Before your first appointment, take some time to prepare any questions you may have or any information that may be beneficial to your new family doctor as he begins looking towards the best way to maintain your health.

If you have been searching for a family practice in the Burlington area that would be right for your family, then look no further than the caring staff and experienced family doctors at Alamance Family Practice. We know that finding quality medical care for your family that you can depend on is becoming more and more difficult these days. At Alamance Family Practice you will find that we offer a wide variety of procedures and treatments in order to take care of the whole family’s needs, from baby to grandpa, we are here for you! Our Burlington family doctor’s office offers cardiac and diabetes assessments, outpatient procedures, allergy screening, and so much more. We have what it takes to make sure your family is well taken care of. If you haven’t found that perfect fit to handle your family’s medical care yet, then give our Burlington family practice a try and see if we are right for you.

What’s Going on With Family Practices Today?

Many people are under the impression that family practices are soon going to become obsolete. People believe this trend may be due to the abundance of specialty physicians, or the lack of reimbursement for services rendered by family doctors, or even because of harsh changes in the work environment as a result of new laws set in motion by the government. All of these factors and more have created a huge burden for family practitioners, and it is not unreasonable to wonder if there is a goal to get rid of family practices. However, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians, it is likely that the need for family practice doctors will largely outweigh the supply by the year 2020. An estimated 4,439 family practitioners per year need to complete their residencies in order to meet the family practice needs of our nation, but currently only about half that number are doing this. Luckily, the number of family practice doctors in America does seem to be rising annually. With more paper work, patients, and requirements on them than ever before, family doctors have become the soldiers of medicine, helping to support families across our nation at a substantial cost to themselves. It sounds as though we are only going to need more of these good family doctors in the future.

Our doctors at Alamance Family Practice know all too well how much the dynamic of family practices have changed in the last several years as a result of different government and insurance company requirements. However, at our Burlington family practice our primary concern is and always will be to provide quality care to each patient. We are grateful for our caring, hardworking staff members who have worked tirelessly to ensure that patients still receive the attention they deserve. More importantly, at Alamance Family Practice, we are thankful to our loyal patients who continue to give us the opportunity to provide their families with quality healthcare. If you are in the Burlington area and are still wondering which family practice doctor to choose, then come by and visit us today and see why so many others have chosen our office to provide them with their family practice care.

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